Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Weekend in Vegas? Bring the Fam!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to stay in Condos when I travel especially when we bring the kids along. That way you and your spouse can have privacy and there are always more than one TV. The biggest con I know is that there is not daily (or any) housekeeping. Some people don't care about that anyway as they freak out about anyone in their hotel room anyway (you know who you are M-). Now this place is great and I have stayed there several times while in Vegas. It is the Wyndham Grand Desert. There is NO casino on property, but they have a free shuttle to the strip, or you could just walk the two blocks to the Aladdin. This is for 3 Nights in a two bedroom that sleeps 8.

Dec 3-6


  1. Is "M" me or Mother? Cause I don't care if my room is dirty or not ... I just don't want to tip anyone.

  2. Ha! you are B not M- Neither is Mother, it is a work person