Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great Cruise Deal! 15 Days for $985 for 2!

So anyone who knows me knows I love to Cruise.

I wanted to give you some GREAT Deals that are coming up pretty quick-

15 Day Transatlantic Cruise on Celebrity. Leaves Barcelona on November 28th and gets to Miami on December 12th. The expensive part of this is getting to Barcelona. I have found some OK airfare for about $1000 per person- So for about $3000 you could a European Cruise for 2 weeks for $3000. Not too shabby-;jsessionid=00001kgJcT8NKVY1nH7NmNsIjsH:12h3rnd1c?packageCode=CN14T029&backPageName=Itinerary+Search+Results

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